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June 28, 2012

5 Tips For Staying Lean This Summer

By Dr. Jillian Teta

1) Ritualize over Habitualize:
One of my favorite pastimes used to be driving home from work, opening a bottle of wine, and start cooking dinner. So, I ended up drinking wine more nights than not during the week. Sound fabulous? Not really. It was making me hold a bit of water (ok, maybe more than a bit!), interfered with my sleep and did not exactly enhance my sense of well being.

The same could be said of certain foods. Sometimes cheese or nuts would sneak in there, and because I was hungry I would over-eat those and not consume as much protein.

In other words, my nightly cheese and wine had become a habit, and I wasn’t getting great pleasure out of it.

Now, I “ritualize” wine and cheese, saving it for the end of the week. I Look forward to it all week, it becomes more “special” and enjoyable, not something I do because I did it yesterday too.

Creating and saving a day for “rewards” or “balls-out cheats” lets you have what you want and look forward to it, all while maintaining physique goals. Oh, and you will feel and sleep better too!

2) Get Real Rest:
Real rest is “self-time”, quiet time carved out just for you. Relating this to the above tip, real rest is not inebriation or intoxication! So often we can turn to substances to “relax”, but really how can our body truly relax when it has to process booze, foods that aren’t really that great for us and whatever else we give it? Likewise about TV and the internet. Real rest does not include those either. The light from our computers and TVs stimulates the brain and the sympathetic nervous system. Real rest means unplugging, setting your phone down, and being straight and sober – just being, really. Take at least a couple minutes per day for real rest to recharge yourself.

3) Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff:
The little details in life – the dishes in the sink, the dust on the floor, your co-workers outfit, etc can be annoying. These negative feelings can translate into your relationships – maybe you are short with your partner or kids or are finding yourself in a bad mood. Turning that annoyance and negativity to gratitude, loving all that you have and are, is a fast, permanent track to well being. It does take practice to catch yourself, but really, is it a big deal if the laundry gets folded? Really?

4) Maintain Consistent Meal and Sleep Times:
This is key for maintaining optimal blood sugar balance, body composition and sharp mental focus. Skipping meals, staying up late or both can lead to compensatory eating later. It is summertime so we have long days and lots of pool parties to attend, so it can be easy to be thrown off of your normal routine. Even if you are out at a BBQ, try to eat around the same time as you normally would and don’t skimp on the protein!

5) Remember, Fat Loss Can Happen Anywhere:
Even at pool parties and BBQs! Have a protein shake before you head out to your party. Emphasize protein and veggie options that are there (hot dogs, bison burgers, anyone?) or better yet, make and bring your own big salad or protein option. Watch out for the buns and chips J and make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Water intake is super important not just to stay hydrated, but for fluid balance (helping you look tighter in your bikini), energy and skin health.

And most importantly, don’t forget to Have Fun! :) ox Jillian

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