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Core Crusher Workout

By Tara Ballard

I love training my core. Without a doubt, abs are my favorite body part, and nothing is more satisfying to me than feeling them burn during and after a tough workout. Here is a workout I did recently while out of town. I typically like to do heavy weighted ab exercises, but since I was in a hotel, all I had was a limited set of dumbbells and a bench. No matter…this little workout had my abs feeling quite toasty!

The workout utilizes a Metabolic Effect technique called down chains. You will go through each exercise circuit-style. On the first round, perform 10 reps of each exercise. The second round, complete 9 reps of each. Continue on with that pattern until you to get to 5 reps of each exercise. If you get to 5 before 10 minutes is up, start back over at 10 reps each.

Be sure to warm-up and cool-down appropriately.

Equipment needed: one dumbbell, bench, timer/watch/clock

Set your timer for 10 minutes and perform the following exercises circuit-style:

Have fun! Happy Core Carving! :)

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