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Everyone is Saying the Same Thing: How to Stand Out in the Online Fitness Space

INSIGHTS OVER INFORMATION. AND PERSONALITY OVER DRY FACTS AND FIGURES, when it comes to winning in the trust business.

Today is the first of 5 straight days where I’ll be rolling out business mindset insights, answering real questions and concerns I receive from women, as part of the #PassionToPlatform campaign (more details below), but first, today’s question:

“Jill, I struggle with how to marketing myself coupled with an inferiority complex (why would someone come to me?)”

Here’s what you need to know first: most people are saying the same thing. 95% of trainers or coaches have aaaaabout the same level of expertise/credentials, but what sets someone apart is not their information, but instead:

  1. Their usable insights (solutions that lead to results for clients) – how easy can someone implement what you’re sharing to get their desired outcome?
  2. Their personality, voice and degree of resonance for potential customers.

People don’t buy coaching, they buy coaches.

Which means that not only do you have to be an expert (most are), but you have to have some edge to you. This will come in the form of your unique stories, experiences and personality.

What will you be known for? It probably won’t be macros or Paleo or metabolic conditioning (snooze). It will be for your unique knowables, your ability to relate (or be related to, more importantly) and your ability to take something that everyone else might be saying and make it your own.

We are in the trust business.

People interact, follow and eventually buy from people they trust. And in order to establish trust, you need 2 things: competency + relatedness. Authority + humanity.

Be the expert, but also be the friend.

And if you don’t share who you are and what you know over and over and OVER again, through social media posts, long-form content, videos, photos, micro content, live streams, email marketing, lead generators, free remarkable content constantly, then how can you expect anyone to feel invested in you? And eventually want to invest in you?

We are in the edu-tainment industry. How you say what you say matters. People don’t want the smartest necessarily, they want the most relatable: “Can Jill understand me? And can she help me?”

Because of the personal nature of online business, there is enough space for everyone, as the client-to-message matching system is so specific. And your messages and personality are a filtering system. Those that resonate will stay, and those that don’t will leave, and that’s perfectly a-okay.

Okaaaaay, so. I’m doing something I’ve never done before. I’m rolling out a more affordable online business workshop (contrasted with Best of You which is $3-12k), called #PassionToPlatform, a 2-hour virtual mini mastermind on March 6th, for only $27.

I’m partnering with my friend and online business coach, Danny-J to host the live event, and I’m excited to be able to offer it at this price point. YES, we will be recording it and sending it to you after the fact, so no stress if you can’t make it live, you’ll still get all the info and be able to implement it just fine!

Due to the software we’re using I only have a limited number of spots, so grab yours ASAP, I know they’re going to go fast. Enroll here.

Let me know if you have any questions! Xo, Jill

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