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December 17, 2017

JillFit Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Growing up, my younger brother Brandon was always my #GiftingGoals.

Because even when he was 5 years old, he was planning the card he was going to make you for your birthday, MONTHS in advance. It would be made from construction paper, but then have like, pipe cleaners attached to it, tissue paper flowers, some kind of homemade pop-out thingy, and the sweetest message.

You knew he spent so much time thinking about what would really make you happy. And he found so much joy in giving that card, it was inspiring. I always loved getting those cards that I knew so much time and effort and thoughtfulness went into.

I always wanted to be that good at gift giving. You know, one of those people who thinks all year long about the perfect gift for someone. They’re so thoughtful and intentional. When you open it, you know they put a ton of effort into thinking about you.

Unfortunately, I never have been.

But a couple weeks ago, I received an email from someone I follow online with some great gift ideas and I was like, YES, this is awesome! I love getting ideas, so maybe I’ll share my stuff (everyone in my family already has all this crap, ha!) so that others can get new ideas.

So there you have it.

I’ve actually never posted a holiday gift guide before, but I’m excited.

So, if you’d like to access some of my favorite thangs, and potentially pick them up for you loved ones (or yourself, because hey, one for you, one for me, yea? ;)), here are 20 ideas for you!

OXO Salad Chopper – You knew I had to include this. This thing has changed my life, by not only making #BASes more palatable, but helping me get twice as many veggies as I normally would if I had to stuff full leaves and stems down my throat. This is a daily-use nonnegotiable in my house.

Winc Monthly Wine Club membership – What can I say? I needed to include my favorite monthly wine membership club. Winc sends you a couple bottles a month of new varieties to try, and encloses some education about each of the wines. It’s super fun to have new tastes show up at your door every month. I’ve given this gift many times and it’s always a hit. membership – An audiobook membership for those in your life who love to read but don’t have the time to sit down with a book. This app has been a savior for listening to audiobooks in the car, on leisure walks and on my infamous drive across country 2 years ago. Byron Katie and I spent some quality time!

Vitamix Blender – A healthy, convenience-eating gal’s nonnegotiable purchases (there’s the Ninja and the Magic Bullet, too). When I moved to LA and had zero furniture, I ordered a new Vitamix the second I got settled in at my new spot. Protein shakes, almond milk, Craving Cocoa and more. A little pricey but these things never die.

Primal Kettlebells from Onnit – These are novel, but I love them! The primal bells from Onnit are great for keeping at home, in the garage or your car even for quick workouts on the go! Get 10% off your purchase if you use this link.

This amazing wine opener – Okay, this is one of my favorite purchases ever because I, uh, open wine quite frequently, and I need to give credit to my brother Danny who originally found this and then gifted them to all of us. So easy (and lazy—Neghar refuses to use one because she still finds opening wine with a regular corkscrew to be sacred)

‘The Four Agreements’ book – For that person in your life who you think might be ready for some personal development work, but needs to ease into it. ‘The Four Agreements’ was one of my first mindset books, and the super simple truths are applicable to most people. Even if you have not read it yet, it’s a must-read and super accessible for someone new to this work.

High-waist Leggings from Alo Yoga – Neghar Fonooni was the one who turned me on to these, and they are one of the most flattering leggings I’ve ever bought. Stylish, high-waisted and quality made so they will LAST. They are not cheap, but if you are like me and wear leggings every day, investing in something that will stand the test of hours at the gym, it’s a smart investment.

Valslides – These are the perfect gift for someone who wants to be able to work out while traveling, in a hotel room or at home. These little slides from my good friend, Valerie Waters are deceivingly tough! When you get them, you’ll get access to tons of different exercises you can do with them. Works on a rug or floor. Super versatile.

The Love Bomb Co. mugs and mason jars – My friend Jenna owns this company and I got to spend some quality time with her in Las Vegas last month, and she brought us the cutest totes and cards with motivational sayings and reminders and mantras. I have a few of her mugs and mason jars—my favorite? “Today I will manifest some cool ass shit.” Great, affordable gifts for your fabulous friends and relatives.

Happy holidays and wishing you a low-stress/fairly-consistently healthy month ahead!

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