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November 1, 2023

Five Key Considerations for a Successful Launch in 2024

Today we’re diving into the exciting world of launching. Since we’re right in the heart of Q4, I thought it’d be the perfect time to discuss this topic. I love Q4 because it’s what I like to call “business season” at JillFit. Yes, we work on our businesses year-round, but there’s something special about this time of year. This is when many people start thinking about mentorship opportunities for the coming year, and I want to help you prepare for your biggest launch ever in 2024.

What You Do When You’re Not Launching

First things first – what are you doing when you’re not in the midst of a launch? This question is crucial and it shouldn’t come as a surprise. We often get caught up in the excitement of creating offers, sales calls, and the finer details of what we’re offering. But it’s essential to pause and ask yourself, “Why should someone give you their hard-earned money?” Have you demonstrated your value and established yourself as an authority in your field?

Building value, trust, goodwill, and nurturing relationships with your audience is a continuous effort. It’s what you do in the 90% of the time when you’re not directly selling. Think of it like this: you’re either in a catabolic or anabolic mode in your business. Catabolic is when you’re asking for things, such as sales. This should be only 10% of your time. The other 90% is spent in anabolic mode, where you’re building your audience, email list, and trust. So, when you eventually ask for a sale, you’ve already earned the right to do so.

How consistent are you in showing up, creating an evergreen lead magnet, offering valuable content, and engaging your audience through polls, stories, and conversations in your DMs? Trust-building is an ongoing process that ensures people are prepped and ready to buy when you do make your offer.

Crafting an Irresistible Offer

Do you have an irresistible offer that genuinely resonates with your audience? Crafting an offer that aligns with your audience’s desires is essential. This is often trickier than it seems because, as the content creator, you might have a different perspective than your audience.

While you may know that mindset plays a crucial role in achieving results, your audience might not explicitly ask for mindset-related content. They’re more likely to express their concerns in terms of concrete goals like weight loss, consistency in the gym, and better eating habits.

An irresistible offer needs to include a strong promise, a clear problem-solving element, and a sense of urgency. You should be specific about the transformation you offer and provide incentives, bonuses, discounts, and social proof in the form of testimonials and case studies.

Timely Lead Magnet and the Ombre Method

Your lead magnet, the free experience you offer before a sale, should be timely and align with your launch goals. It’s important to offer value and create a sense of progress or achievement for your audience. A lead magnet should be educational and offer specific actions they can take to start seeing results.

One method that can enhance your lead magnet’s effectiveness is  what I call the Ombre method, which helps your audience visualize their journey. It involves teaching your audience one or two key steps of a more extensive process and visually showcasing the entire journey ahead. This approach provides a sense of structure and encourages them to take the next steps.

Mastering Messaging

Your messaging within your lead magnet plays a pivotal role in moving your audience towards a sale. It’s about connecting with their subconscious. Address their current pains, problems, and frustrations. Make them nod along, agreeing that you truly understand their situation. This connection helps them assume that you have the solution they need, and it’s a powerful way to engage them before you even make the pitch.

In addition to addressing pains and problems, highlight the mistakes they’re making in their attempts to solve those problems and offer a vision of what their life could be like with your solution. By addressing these three elements in your messaging, you can establish a deep connection and trust with your audience.

Debriefing and Staying Clinical

After your launch, it’s essential to conduct a debriefing process to determine what worked and what didn’t. This debrief allows you to pinpoint the exact changes needed for future launches. Often, people make the mistake of changing too many things at once if their launch didn’t meet their expectations. Remember that success often comes from iterative improvements rather than starting from scratch.

Lastly, staying clinical during your launch, especially during the emotionally turbulent cart open phase, is crucial. The emotional ups and downs can be challenging, but it’s vital to remain objective and focused on the tasks at hand. Avoid the temptation to place blame on your audience or take things personally. Stay committed, follow your plan, and ensure that your launch is successful until the very end.


Your success in launching in 2024 hinges on these five essential considerations: what you do when you’re not launching, crafting an irresistible offer, creating a timely lead magnet using the Ombre method, mastering messaging, and conducting a thorough debriefing while maintaining clinical objectivity.

Launching can be an exhilarating journey, and by focusing on these considerations, you’ll be well-prepared to achieve your biggest launch ever in 2024. Remember, it’s a combination of strategic planning and consistent action that leads to success. So, go out there, make a plan, and take the leap into launching your incredible offers in the year ahead. Here’s to your launch success in 2024!

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