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May 27, 2013

How To De-Bloat After Too Much Indulging

JillFit’s 3-Day De-Bloat System

Shed water and debloat fast after a night or weekend of overindulgence.

The first thing to understand is that this program is NOT a weight loss system. Losing fat and shedding water (de-bloating) are two very different things. Losing fat requires a more customized approach that keeps sustainability in mind, while shedding water is a pretty straightforward and predictable formula.

Though this program is not nearly as rigid and depriving as other “detoxes” and crash diets, this is not meant to be used for more than 3 days, and even then, only use it every once in a while (say 3-4x/year). This is not a weight loss management tool.

The great thing about this system is that it is 100% natural, no crazy supplements or special foods required, you can get everything you need at a regular ol’ grocery store :) If you stay 100% compliant on this plan, you will lose 2-5 lbs of water in 3 days.

What you get:

  • Nutrition ground rules & food lists for both Shed Meals and Sustain Meals
  • Sample Meal Plan for all 3 days offering lots of variety–please note, this program will NOT work well for vegetarians and vegans and I don’t recommend they purchase it
  • Lifestyle tips and tools to manage sleep & stress during the process
  • 3-Day Training Program – Exactly what workouts to do each day, both cardio & weights (both gym and home workouts included, if training at home, you will need 2 sets of dumbbells–1 heavy + 1 light)

***BONUS*** I am also including my 4-Weeks to Tight Core Training program with your purchase, for a limited time!

Ready to start shedding?

BUY NOW for only $27 (a $100 value)

Once you purchase, you’ll receive your materials via email, plus your 4-Week Core Training BONUS within 24 hours! Be sure to watch your email (the one you used on Paypal), especially your SPAM folder, just in case :) 

Remember, this is a DIY program, so there is no accompanying coaching, BUT we have done our best to make things as simple as possible and answer any potential questions at might come up. When in doubt, follow the plan!

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