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March 15, 2014

#LiftWeightsFaster – JillFit Bonuses

Is it possible to do cardio using weights?

Jen Sinkler, fitness badass and owner of Thrive, thinks so.

See, a few years back, Jen was being interviewed for a local news outlet and the interviewer asked her about her training. She outlined in detail her weekly lifting regimen, some of her favorite exercises and how she progresses them. Then, the interviewer asked her, “That’s great, but what do you for cardio?”

After a second of confusion, Jen simply replied, “I lift weights faster.”

The idea that you NEED to endless hours on traditional cardio machines to get results is just not true. Cardio is a valuable piece of the fat loss puzzle, but it’s possible to get it in using weights too, as Jen pointed out.

Tuesday March 18th, my good friend and fellow fitness pro, Jen Sinkler is releasing her long-awaited #LiftWeightsFaster online program. With 127 workouts and over 200 exercises in the photo/video workout library, this mother is RO-BUST.


I’ve had the honor of checking out an advanced copy and the material is unparalleled for those looking to get and stay motivated with exercise. Jen’s unique gift is creating endless variety when it comes to training–and all workouts are 30 minutes or less, designed to deliver the biggest fat loss outcomes for the time invested.

And yours truly also contributed with a great 30-min bodyweight workout!

BUT here’s the thing.

Exercise and nutrition are great. But without the mindset aspect of change, it’s a lot harder to implement the things we know we need to in order to get results. At JillFit, we talk getting your mind right a lot. The outside begins on the inside, after all.

SO. Allow me to introduce …

***** #LiftWeightsFaster Bonuses for JillFit Gals *****

Getting Jen’s program is a no-brainer. GET IT. You’ll love it as much as I do.

BUT, also, as part of Jen’s product launch, I am contributing 3 exclusive bonuses for those who purchase from THIS LINK by midnight EST Friday March 21st!

All JillFit gals who purchase from this special link (by Friday March 21st) will receive the following bonuses from me:

  • A brand spankin’ new copy of my #GetBetter Mindset Guide. This is a brand new book I recently finished all about mindset and how it relates to everything from body esteem to habits to positive psychology and how to take responsibility for your happiness, relationships and making your dreams a reality. This 30+ page manual is a culmination of many of the mindset topics we discuss here at JillFit.
  • A free full-length downloadable workout video (and PDF) with me training Jen :) It’s a #LiftWeightsFaster 20-min workout using Metabolic Effect’s Rest-based Training concept (Jen outlines RBT in her book too). Work out with us and let me know how you do!
  • Every person who purchases #LiftWeightsFaster from this link will be entered into a raffle to win a nutrition coaching session with me. I don’t work on-on-one with clients anymore, but I am opening up this opportunity for this promotion only. A $500 value free for the winner.

You will get everything delivered directly to your email on Saturday March 22nd.




 Want to hear about the bonuses in more detail? Watch this quickie vid:


Questions? Email me! Remember, this promo is only good March 18th thru March 21st, 2014!


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