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December 27, 2014

#moderation365 in 2015: Free Training Series


Join the #moderation365 movement and be an example of someone who eats sustainably every day of the year. No diets, no cleanses, no detoxes, no jump starts, NO CHANGING ANYTHING just because it’s January 1st!

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Everything begins on Monday January 5th!

What you can expect:

Your success depends on how involved YOU get! I won’t be giving you meal plans and workouts to do and holding your hand. I will be pushing YOU to do the work, on the ground daily making the moderate choices. I’ll be encouraging you to choose (and trust!) a more moderate approach. I want you to take the torch and show your friends and family a new way of doing things that is stress- and shame-free.

This challenge is about you. Not about what plan or program I can provide you with. I want you on your grind daily, making the choices, introspecting, learning about yourself and being consistent. Not consistently perfect — but consistently moderate. No jump starts, cleanses, detoxes or changing anything just because it’s January 1st.

How this is delivered:

This is a free educational series running from Jan 5th through Jan 19th (15 days), which includes:

1) Three live webinar trainings with Jill: Monday Jan 5th at 8pm EST/5pm PST, Monday Jan 12th at 8pm EST and Monday Jan 19th at 8pm EST.

You will want to try your hardest to be on live because much of these will be Q&A from you. I will do a little lecture portion and then take your questions live. Everyone registered will get access to the replays. Once you register for the #moderation365 free series, you will get the link to join the calls!

2) I want to see your #moderation365 pics on Instagram and win prizes.

This is where your interaction counts. Together we can get the word out about this movement and influence others. Let other people do their New Years “cleanses” and detoxes and jump starts. YOU show them that it’s possible to live a sustainably healthy lifestyle every single day of the year. Once you register for the #moderation365 free series, you’ll get all the deets!

3) Feel free to post questions, discussion and examples of #moderation365 living to the main JillFit Facebook page for feedback, interaction and support.

There will be no coaching group or email support with this challenge. It’s about you taking the torch, being the one out in front showing your family and friends a different way, being the example. It’s not about what I can provide you with. It’s about what YOU can provide you with! Taking ownership of your own process, while scary, is also liberating because you realize you don’t ever need anything from anyone else ever again. Ahhhh.

The #moderation365 movement is about you continuing to be accountable to you — 365 days of the year.

Looking forward to a great 15 days (and beyond!) with you!



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