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August 21, 2010

ME Lifestylers Club

Jill & the JillFit Coaches work with individuals exclusively as a fat loss coaches in the Metabolic Effect Lifestylers Club

BRAND NEW ME Lifestyle Online Program from Metabolic Effect!
On-going access to training, nutrition, lifestyle, coaching

On-going exclusive content, updated regularly: articles, workouts, recipes, videos, downloads, fat loss nutrition meal plans, sample training schedules. 

What you get:

  • Weekly Workout Schedule–that’s 365 workouts per year and exactly what to do when! (day off included)
  • Weekly fat loss recipe
  • Weekly motivational & educational video from Jill and other ME/JillFit coaches on various topics
  • ***This is the biggest value in the program! The difference-maker in term of clients’ results: access to the private ME Lifestylers Facebook page where you get exclusive access to all the JillFit Coaches, ME coaches and can interact with all the other members of program Lifestyle. Accountability!
  • Monthly: 4 New Downloadable Workout Videos for the gym OR for at home
  • Monthly: 2 New Downloadable Cardio Workouts (PDF) for the gym OR for at home
  • Includes already/on-going:
  • Fat Loss Sample Menu & Meal Plan
  • Access to Metabolic Effect programs on-going throughout the year, as they are released
  • Access to all Metabolic Effect Natural Health protocols
  • Access to DIY Metabolic Effect Fat Loss protocols, like the Metabolic Fasting & Build/Burn Cycle, etc.
  • Dozens of exclusive training articles, workouts, recipes and vids!


Ready to join the group?


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2) 12 Months Up Front for less than $25/mth. $297 total, buy here!


Once you purchase, you’ll receive an email with your login details. Once you have your login deets, sign in here!

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