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30 Days of Fat Loss–Day #12: It’s Friday, get some (healthy) chocolate!

By Jillian Teta

For those of you lucky enough to be reading our blog today :) we are very excited to be bringing you one of JillFit’s most favorite secret weapons for fat loss, physique sculpting, and most importantly, maintaining sanity! We’d like to share with you the many virtues of cocoa and give you plenty of tips to incorporate this delectable delight into your daily routine! This yummy item is certainly on that list of “superfoods” that we keep in our back pocket.

Cocoa will help smooth out those blood sugar crashes, boost your energy, soothe cravings and tempt your taste buds. That’s right: whether you are getting ready to step on stage, trim off some inches or just maintain what you’ve got, cocoa is for you. :)

Chock full of antioxidants, precursors to many of the “feel good hormones” (like Oxytocin, Serotonin and PEA), fiber, minerals and phytochemicals, cocoa has got what it takes to help you look, feel and think your best.

Now, we are not talking about a Snicker’s bars here, or Swiss Miss packets of “hot cocoa”. When we refer to cocoa as part of a fat-loss lifestyle, we are referring to raw, organic unsweetened cocoa powder or plain baking cocoa – no milk solids OR sweeteners added; just pure, unadulterated cocoa!  If you look at the ingredients list, it should be low cal (<30 calories/serving), and low carb (most of the carb should be in the form of fiber).

Cocoa can be incorporated just about anywhere in your daily routine. We like it in smoothies, our coffee, in nonfat Greek Yogurt, even in our oatbran! However, perhaps the most “pure” way to enjoy this blockbuster food is by making a drink out of it. Here you have lots of options with the addition of other flavors, and whether to have it hot or cold! Here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy the cocoa drink:

Hot Cocoa Drink

Roughly 1 TB baking cocoa or raw organic cocoa powder
8-12 oz hot/boiling water
Put cocoa in mug and slowly add water, stirring well to incorporate cocoa. Sip and enjoy, or add in some “extras”

Iced Cocoa Drink

Roughly 1 TB baking cocoa or raw organic cocoa powder
2 oz hot water
6-8 oz cold water or cold coconut water
Fill a large glass or even a pitcher up with ice (this is so good, you may want extra!) In a mug, add cocoa plus about 2 oz of hot water, stirring to incorporate and make a thick paste. Add a few ounces of cold water, stirring well, then pour this over the ice, topping of with cold water or coconut water, stirring well to incorporate. Enjoy or put in the fridge for later use. This is so refreshing and yummy!

Options to consider adding to cocoa drink:

Mix it up and get creative! Enjoy!

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