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Shoulder-Building Workout

One of the prettiest things on a woman (IMO) is a sculpted and rounded sets of delts. They are the place your eye automatically goes when you see a fit woman walking down the street. Many believe that in order to have a fit physique, they need to simply get lean. However, anyone can get skinny–simply stop eating and go jogging.  But to have a lean physique with visible definition, it takes not only a clean diet, but also a training program that helps to build those nice lines and full muscle bellies so that once you attain leanness, there is a body of muscle under there :) Like I always tell my girls, “A fitness competition is not a skinny contest.” It’s the muscle to fat ratio that is important: build muscle and burn fat.

With that said, here is one of my favorite go-to shoulder-building workouts. I have used this many times in the past during my build phases when I needed to get my delts up. The push-presses are a fairly technical movement so be sure to practice with a lighter bar until you get the rhythm down. We will try to get a quick video up for you guys at some point. The key with push-presses is that they allow you to lift heavier weight than you normally would be able to because you “cheat up” the bar on the concentric phase by using a slight jump, while controlling the weight down on your own during the eccentric phase.  Also note that I have indicated suggested weights below. Depending on your current fitness level/strength, you may need to go up or down. The key is to reach close-to failure by the end of the indicated rep range. It may take some trial and error. Good luck! –Jill

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