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Before & After Testimonial: Kathy Fittest in her 50s!

We are honored to bring you a testimonial from one of our clients, Kathy Fabricus. Kathy has been involved with Metabolic Effect for a while and decided to take it to the next level by enrolling in JillFit’s 12 Week Fat Loss Nutrition plan with her own JillFit Coach, Sara Baker. Sara designed a meal plan specifically for Kathy based on her schedule, goals, unique food sensitivities, preferences, etc and then monitored her progress through weekly check-ins and by changing up things on the fly as needed. Kathy started as a size 10 and is now a size 4. She got some fabulous results with the help of ME and JillFit and would never go back to her “old ways.” Here is a little about Kathy!

Age: 55
From: Temecula, CA
I was born in Massachusetts, south of Boston. Married for 33 years and have 4 grown children, and 4 grandchildren. We moved to California 7 years ago. I am a Dental Hygienist and work in a clinic on an Indian Reservation in San Diego County. We love our new home now and plan to travel more, now that the kids are grown. We have a beautiful pit bull that we adore.

What motivates you to eat clean and train hard:
Wanting to keep our good health into our “golden years” and not end up like our parents who are not really enjoying good health right now. I have many patients who are diabetic and overweight and when I am able to, I will share with them some nutritional knowledge that may help them, if they are willing to change their lifelong bad habits.

Favorite clean eat/ optional recipe:
Love ground turkey with sautéed veggies or a salad. Water! Pretty simple.

Favorite exercise/body part to train and why:
My ABS! I have struggled with them over the years to get them flat again! After having 4 babies they are slowly getting flatter!! Good nutrition is the key and of course, exercising regularly.

If we asked your best friends, what 3 words would they use to describe you:
“Kind, compassionate, and determined,” was the answer my husband gave me, since he is my best friend!!

If you are interested in learning more about Kathy’s journey, you can reach out to her on Facebook or via email at

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