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14-Minute “Home for the Holidays” Workout

The week between Christmas and New Years is like a dead zone. Most people are simply “starting after New Years” or are too tired from partying/relaxing/eating to pick themselves off the couch to get to the gym. You have my permission to do this workout here every single day from Christmas to New Years, and never have to step foot in the gym. Doing this workout as a bare minimum will help you maintain your fitness (and sanity), and prevent you from becoming a 100% complete victim of eggnog.

All you need it a set of dumbbells (preferable heavier; for ladies: 10-25 lbs) and a space about the size of a yoga mat. As always, using Metabolic Effect‘s Rest-based Training (RBT) concept, you “push until you have to rest, and rest until you can go again.” Try to get as many reps with good form as possible in the allotted time. If you need to rest, you rest. If your form starts to suffer, you rest. Enjoy! ox Jill

Complete the following circuit 4x:

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