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Wednesday Workout: Chest/Triceps & Shoulder Training

By Sara Baker

As many of you know from my other blogs, I am reducing my workout and intensity load for the time being.  Luckily, I am still able to lift, just not quite as heavy as I would like but again, learning to accept that right now :)  However, this gives me an opportunity to increase my volume in my lifting routines.  Usually, I like to do 2 to 3 circuits of 3 sets of 8-10 reps.  Now, I am increasing my sets up to 4 and my reps to at least 12 reps. Currently, I am lifting back and biceps together, legs on their own day and chest, triceps and shoulders towards the end of my week. I sometimes add an additional light leg day during the week, depending on how tired my legs are feeling from my previous workouts.

Below is a chest, tricep, shoulder routine I am doing for the next 4 weeks or so.  After a month, I will change up the exercises as well as change up days I am lifting, just to keep my body guessing and to prevent plateauing.  I like pairing these three muscle groups together as I feel I get a good burn since they all play a role in performing each of the exercises, regardless of the main focus of that exercise.

You will obviously need to pick a weight that is challenging for you but should be able to lift heavier on the multi-joint movements.  You will then drop weight on the single joint exercises and finishing moves.  Feel free to get creative and even add one more circuit using cables (chest fly, press downs and side raises) if you want even more volume.

The combination of the incline bench work usually leaves me sore for a few days.  Let me know what you think and happy training!

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