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Your JillFit Playlist/New Years Workout (this is fun!)

Happy New Year from all of us at JillFit Physiques! 2012 is going to be an amazing year, and we hope we get to spend a lot of time with you–learning about fat loss, implementing useful tools and techniques and “getting our minds right.” :) To get you started out on the right foot, we put together THIS for you!

Listening to motivating music is key to getting a great workout for many, and how much more fun slash distracting would it be to do your workout according to the song you are listening to?? This is obviously a common idea in group fitness classes like cycling or pump classes where the music dictates what exercise or drill you do. But doing it yourself on the treadmill could be a fun way to change things up.

Here is my special edition 2012 JillFit playlist for you, along with what exercise or drill you should do for the duration of that song. (Shared it using Spotify on Facebook!) You will need a treadmill and a set of moderate dumbbells (I used 20lb-ers) positioned next to the treadmill so that you can jump off and use them, while keeping the treadmill running at 1.0 mph. Be careful getting on and off the treadmill! I did this last week, and whoa, a great all-around workout! I hope you enjoy it! ox Jill

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