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January 2, 2012

Before we embark on 2012…

…I thought I would recap my top 10 JillFit Blogs from 2011! This was an incredible year! Going back and re-reading these was such a cool experience. It really outlines how far we have all come in our process–body, mind & spirit. It was really hard to choose only 10 out of the CLOSE TO 300 BLOGS we wrote this year! Sooo I actually picked 15 :)

I feel incredibly lucky and appreciative to have had such an amazing 2011. I am grateful for so many things: awesome people I have met through JillFit, people who have reached out to me, lessons I have learned (many the hard way!), mentors and friends who I have turned to for help, teachers who probably didn’t even know they were teaching me (!), incredible love and support in unlikely places and opportunities that were unforgettable. THANK YOU!!!! We are humbled and grateful for you!!

2012 is going to be a different kind of animal! STAY TUNED I will be blogging my own New Years Resolutions VERY soon (accountability anyone??)! Enjoy! ox Jill

14 fitness & nutrition observations overseas: An American in Paris (February)

Keeping it real (my journey) (April)

Working smarter, not harder & JillFit Summer Reading List (April)

Post-Competition Blues–Part 1: The mind game when it’s over (May)

Exercise Tolerance and the “Cardio Cycle” (June)

You can’t have your cake and lose fat too (June)

Getting real: Tara’s ex-exercise addiction (July)

Turning 30…and 20 things I learned in my 20s (July)

Emily’s journey from skinny to strong (August)

Mindset determines everything: Making the switch (August)

Resiliency (August)

Why the first couple weeks of dieting suck (getting over the hump!) (September)

Do you let your insecurities hijack you? (October)

Dreams really do come true  (November)

My first competition & 10 lessons learned since (November)

Wishing you an amazing 2012! If we can help you with anything, please don’t hesitate to email us!

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