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June 14, 2012

29 Reasons Living the Fat Loss Lifestyle Rocks

This week, I am traveling for business, and was thinking about how awesome it is that once you learn how to live the Fat Loss Lifestyle, you can literally do it anywhere. It’s only about choices. In fact, it hardly ever depends on circumstances–as many times we claim it does. One of the tenets of Metabolic Effect is that “Fat loss happens anywhere” and when you know what to do, and then practice doing it, this lifestyle becomes fun and effortless.

Here’s are my reasons that the FLL totally rocks:

1] You can peel a grapefruit in less than 10 seconds. Same for hard-boiled eggs.

2] End up at Wendys? No worries–“I’ll take 2 grilled chicken sandwiches, extra lettuce/tomato, no bun, thanks!”

3] Whole Foods Market is your mecca. And you scope one out in every city you visit.

4] You know the macronutrient break-down (and price break-down!) for every protein powder at every online supplement vendor.

5] People “just don’t understand it” when you eat a cold chicken breast out of a tupperware with your hands in a parking lot right before heading into a movie. What’s so confusing?

6] A diet soda is a treat.

7] You would never touch JIF or Peter Pan peanut butter. Please.

8] You get territorial about your food. Besides, you only get so many bites of sweet potato. Is your husband insane?

9] They know your name at Vitamin Shoppe (and they keep a stack of your fitness business cards there too).

10] Your day revolves around meal times and whether your protein is perishable or not.

11] People always ask you why you eat certain things, and you love giving them the 411 on the what, how and why.

12] It’s no biggie if your hotel doesn’t have a gym. You can do a Tabata plyo workout in the room sans weights or hit the road for some sprint intervals.

13] Eating is no longer black-and-white and you don’t need a strict meal plan to keep you on task. You have created a sustainable plan for yourself. It’s effortless.

14] You know what preemptive cheats are, and you employ them strategically so as to avoid binging later. Bacon anyone?

15] You no longer sweat an unplanned cheat because you know you can get right back into fat-burning mode by making your next meal a clean one and getting a great workout in.

16] You don’t ever feel completely deprived, but you don’t ever eat everything you want.

17] After finishing a straight-up vomilicious workout, you say, “That was awesome!” and can’t wait to do it again next week.

18] You have your arsenal of “dining out” rules which include, but are not limited to: no booze and starch at the same meal; protein only apps; choose fat over starch and “extra chicken please!”

19] The apple slicer is the best invention. Well, along with the OXO Salad Chopper. Oh–and the Vitamix.

20] You recognize and use these acronyms: RBT, TRX, HEC, FLL.

21] Writing nutrition and training plans for friends and family is a fun pastime.

22] You don’t stay up past 10pm, even on weekends. And you’re good with that. In fact, you’re stressed if you aren’t :)

23] Your jeans are tight on your quads, but super-loose at the waist, yet you don’t mind because you worked your ass off for those legs!

24] The glass of wine you indulge in once a month gets you tipsy. Oh, if your college self could see you now! She’d be shaking her head.

25] Bacon. Coconut. Avocado. They’re food groups, right?

26] You pee every 30 minutes because you are drinking a gallon of water a day, plus green tea & the ME cocoa drink.

27] Branched-chain amino acids are your best friend.

28] Every time you pass a mirror, you automatically put your hands on your hips, twist your torso and flex your lats.

29] You don’t have to weigh yourself daily because you understand that the fat loss lifestyle is just that–a lifestyle. You are in it for the long haul, committed. You measure your progress by how your clothes fit, how you feel physically, how much weight you are able to lift and how fast you can sprint. It’s all good! It’s the good life!

Did I miss any??? Add them in the comments below! ox Jill

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