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May 19, 2018

10 Ways to Make $1,000 This Week Online



I’ve done this a hundreds times in my life. I ask, “How can I make this money?” Not only does it help me make the money, but it forces me to take more action, assume more responsibility and get more creative and resourceful.

How can we get creative? Use our skillset? Add value to people lives? Actually ask for the sale, from people who we know are struggling and could use what we have to offer?

So, today I am going to help you overcome all your fears about investing in yourself (because you KNOW it’s really the only way to level everything up), and give you 10 ways to literally make $800 this month, which is the investment for you for BOY.

Ready? Here you go:

1) Secure 5 new online clients at $200/mth

This is industry standard for customized nutrition and training, working 1:1 with a client. Last month in BOY, I gave the gals a challenge to secure at least 2 new 1:1 clients and so many did it successfully with just a little nudge (and also utilizing the 1:1 sales tutorial in BOY), and many closed even more. Many of your friends, family members or acquaintances could use your help, and often they want to train but they might need the invite extended to them. They might even feel flattered you thought of them!

2) Launch an 8-week group coaching program

You can secure 10 people at $100 each, to begin June 1st. Tell them you want to help them maintain their healthy lifestyle over the summer, and keep them accountable. You might also tell them you’ll be raising your rates in the Fall, so this is their last chance to secure your current pricing.

3) Run a Summer Flash Sale

Can you create a quickie DIY Training program? Some of my most successful ones were the 4 Weeks to Lean Legs program, the 4 Weeks to Tight Core program and the 4 Weeks to Toned Upper Body program. They didn’t include extensive photos, videos or descriptions. They were bare-bones programs—workouts with a suggested calendar—and I sold them for $25 each. You could discount it to $20/program and even make it $50 for all 3 programs. Sell between 30 and 50 units.

4) Do “Diet Audits”

I got this idea from my friend Danny-J Johnson. Early in her business, she needed some cash so she launched a flash sale for “Diet Audits” – $50 to get on the phone with her and go through the client’s diet in real time, give feedback and troubleshoot, offering homework and ways they could improve. People loved the opportunity to get a professional to take a look at how they were eating and get personalized feedback. 30-minute calls for $50, one time.

5) Pay-What-You-Want Coaching Calls

My friend Elizabeth DiAlto do this a few years ago, and it was a huge success. On Paypal, you can create a charity or auction payment button that allows for people to type in the amount they want to pay for a single coaching call. Elizabeth was surprised that not every person offered $10! Most were around $50, and ran from $25 to $250. You can open up 20 time slots for these and have people write in what they want to pay. Gives them autonomy so they feel less “sold,” and puts some quick money in your pocket.

6) $50 DIY Training Programs

Some people don’t want to shell out hundreds to coach with you, and they just want a turnkey program and to go it alone. Create an 8-12 week full-body training program and tell people you have 20 units for sale. Tell them you’re looking to get feedback from them, so that’s why you are selling it so affordably (use the feedback as testimonials for your sales page in the future).

7) Half-off Customized Training Programs

These are 1:1 training programs that you create specifically for someone—like a 12-week training plan—but there is no coaching associated with it. You create the plan based on their goals, fitness level, personal preferences, schedule, abilities, etc., and then they’re off on their own. Normally, industry standard for this is somewhere in the $150-250 range, one time. You can cut your rate in half and go for volume—launch at $100 and sell 10.

8) Summer Consistency Challenge

This is soooo easy to do. People love challenges, and they’re terrified of going off the rails over the summer. Charge $100 per person, June-July (2 months), and they get access to workouts (everyone gets the same ones) and a closed FB group to stay accountable and check in with the others in the group, or ask for modifications. You can get on FB Live in the group once a week and share nutrition, training and mindset insights that will help them stay the course and educate (i.e. positioning yourself as the expert). Get 10 people to sign-up! Bonus: after the summer is over, up-sell them into something else for the Fall!

9) Run a special Summer Bootcamp in person

If you want to run something locally, and you have a big network, find a park or parking lot or gym space or community center (or church basement even!) and run a 8-week bootcamp, 3x/week at $10/class. That’s $240 for 24 workouts, so you’d only need 5-6 people to sign-up. Get 1-2 person and often word-of-mouth is a great marketing tool from there. Ask people to invite someone else.

10) Create a $10 Recipe E-booklet

We actually did this at JillFit in 2012. We put our favorite healthy appetizers, main dishes, sides and desserts into a digital recipe book and sold it for $10. You might ask, why would someone buy a recipe booklet from you when there are a million free recipes online. Well, a) they want YOUR recipes—they see you as an expert. And b) they are willing to pay $10 to get them all in one place, organized for them. Sell 100 units.

What you think?

You can create things all day long that people need. Then you need to just … put it in front of them. You’ll post on social media, tell people this is a limited deal and that you don’t know if you’ll do it again so they’d better jump on it now.

Tell people exactly what they’ll accomplish with your program, what kind of outcomes they can expert, and WHY this thing is necessary in order to help those who are struggling. Get excited, share your passion and come with the abundance mindset that people need this. They need YOU.

And guess what?

Your business needs you, too.

Your business needs for you to level up, in order to start, grow and impact a ton of people.

Which is why I want you to join Best of You this year.

I don’t want you to be feeling the same way, doing the same old things a year from now, wishing you’d started sooner, or kept up with it.

Best of You provides the 12-month education, insights, strategy and EXACT blueprint you need to build your platform, impact and income. It’s laid out month by month so you have zero question about what exactly to do.

Imagine getting the type of education in this blog all the time, but along with how to market it, how to position it in the online marketplace and the exact steps on how to create everything you need to execute.

Cool, right?

Check out all the info HERE, and be sure to enroll by TUESDAY before we close the doors!

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