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Metabolic Effect

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Body: The Empowered Vs. The Victim Mindset

“If you act like a victim, you are likely to be treated as one.”  –Paulo Coelho At JillFit, we talk a lot about mindset. And I work with dozens of women every single day on how to change their own mindset …

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“Jill, can I eat this?”

I remember a few years ago when I was meeting with a potential competition client. During the initial session, she asked me if she had to give up ketchup and butter during the prep. I remember thinking how odd this …

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25 Insights on Belly Fat

If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me about losing their gut….well, I’d have at least $20 :) But seriously, it seems that for many people, losing lbs from their midsection is a lifelong battle, and no …

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7 Ways to Stay Lean Despite a Crazy Schedule

By Emily Saunders After a few months of commitment to the Fat Loss Lifestyle, most of us begin to figure out what works for our unique metabolisms, schedules and preferences.  However, just when we begin to think that we have …

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Is Your Diet & Exercise Routine Sustainable? 6 Ways to Know

At Metabolic Effect, we talk about the “Fat Loss Lifestyle” and we adopted it here at JillFit simply because in the long run, isn’t that really what we all want–a sustainable approach to exercise and nutrition that helps us stay …

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5 Reasons Calories Aren’t as Important as You Think

It seems in the nutrition world you have the camp who says calories are the end-all-be-all of fat loss, and if you wanna lose, all you need is a caloric deficit, doesn’t matter what type of foods you eat nor …

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If You’re Tired of Starting Over…Stop Giving Up

By Emily Saunders At Jillfit, most of our readers are go-getters, over-achievers, Type A or whatever we might call ourselves.  We want to set goals, map out a plan to achieve them, and make it happen.  When it comes to …

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Burpee Blast Upper Body Workout

By Tara Ballard I love burpees!! Well, that may a bit extreme, but I DO love that they hit so muscle groups in one fell swoop – upper body, core, legs, not to mention cardio….ahhhh, so good! I’ve been incorporating …

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Is a Fat Loss “Jump Start” Right For You?

At JillFit and Metabolic Effect, we are not big fans of crash diets. We believe that in order to live a sustainable Fat Loss Lifestyle, the black-and-white thinking about food and exercise needs to go. Everyone is different–unique metabolisms, personal …

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Dining Out? Stay On Track With These Tips

By Tara Ballard Tell me if this sounds familiar: you’re going along being a good little fat loss lifestyle follower…prepping meals, eating lean protein and veggies, making sure you eat every 3 hours or so, always keeping a protein bar …

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