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January 12, 2011

Defining “The Fat Loss Lifestyle”

JillFit Coaches Jillian and Tara live the Fat Loss Lifestyle

There has been some grumblings lately about the impossibility and blatant “hoax” that is what we call “The Fat Loss Lifestyle” or FLL.  We at JillFit and Metabolic Effect refer to this as a way of living that encourages fitness, leanness, optimal health and functionality.  It includes everything from nutrition, exercise, sleep habits, stress management, interactions with others and the mind/body connection to wellness.  Despite its name, it does not mean that we are “dieting” constantly and losing fat like crazy from day to day.  If that were the case, we certainly would not call it a “lifestyle.”

To expand on this point, I would like to point out what the FLL is NOT:

It is not a temporary diet
It is not a crash diet
It is not a bodybuilding competition prep diet
It is not a zero-carb diet
It is not an all meat diet
It is not a deprivation diet that cuts out whole food groups
It is not a no-cheat diet
It is not a calorie-restricted diet
It is not a workout-every-single-day plan
It is not a do-2-hours-of-cardio-a-day plan
And for those who have mastered it, it is not a daily struggle to do–they have found their unique Fat Loss Formula so that they don’t feel deprived, they don’t feel out of control, it doesn’t mess with their heads and it is simply something they make a conscious choice to do, similar to an avid reader who decides to write a book–a natural progression into something more–a greater awareness of personal goals, choices, total body/mind wellness and self-understanding.

However, with that being said, it is no better or worse than any other lifestyle choice, and may actually encompass those other lifestyle choices like deciding to go vegetarian or go Paleo or go on a marathon training program.  It is all-inclusive with the single expectation that the person living the FLL is getting healthier, working towards optimal body composition and has adjusted their diet, exercise and lifestyle to their specific metabolic, genetic and psycho-spiritual sensitivities.

The Fat Loss Lifestyle is a flexible plan that does not try to fit people into a structure philosophy but instead acts as a guide to help individuals find their unique path to optimal health and body composition.  There is not a single way, but instead many ways to live the FLL.

Here is a link to Metabolic Effect creator Jade Teta talking about the Fat Loss Lifestyle, check it out!  What do you guys think about the FLL….have you found your unique way? Let me know :) ox Jill

More about the Fat Loss Mindset here!

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