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March 30, 2011

Outfit Your Purse/Office/Car for Fat Loss

One of the biggest reasons why many people fall short of their fat loss goals is because they are not prepared.  Surprisingly, many clients with whom I work tell me they don’t ever even think about food, until they are hungry!  You would think that this would be a good thing–who wants to be consumed with thoughts of eating?–but it is a huge mistake in the quest to reach your goals because without thinking about food, you are essentially leaving it up to others, your surroundings and social events to feed you.  Furthermore, you are now HUNGRY and with no good options.  Oops!  You have heard us say it before–preparation is key to success, some examples include prepping food on the weekends, bringing a protein bar with you to the movies, bringing an apple on the airplane, etc.

First, up, outfitting your purse for fat loss.  Sorry ladies, but dreams of carrying around a tiny lil’ clutch are no more–I even heard a recent story about celebs at the Oscars carrying proteins bars in their bags!  That’s what I’m talking about!  Jade is always teasing me about my purse weighing a thousand pounds (regardless of the hundred of crumpled up receipts and 10 different chapsticks), but guess who is always ready with a protein bar during a long car ride!!?  :) Some important things to have in your “fat loss survival bag” AKA pocketbook to make sure you have the best chance of fat loss on the go include:

  • A few protein bars (see my favorites here)
  • A few squares of 88% dark chocolate (to get you through parties & events when everyone else is indulging in crap)
  • Gym membership (hopefully on your key chain)
  • Pill box with your supplements: fish oil, glutamine, BCAAs, etc
  • Stevia packets for coffee, tea, etc
  • True Lemon natural flavoring packets for water (no soda!)
  • Sugar-free gum

Next up, making your office fat-loss-friendly!  My office at work is hilarious, and yet awesomely outfitted for all things fat loss–it’s basically a kitchen away from home complete with microwave, fridge, hot water kettle, silverware, plates and bowls :)  Even if you don’t have the ability to have all that, there are some key items that added to your desk area/office will improve your chances of making the right decisions, including:

  • Hot water kettle/green tea bags/mug
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder (make an ME cocoa drink mid-day to quell cravings)
  • Fruit like apples, grapefruits, bananas
  • Big bag of raw almonds or mixed nuts
  • Resistance bands for a quickie workout (or even a single set of dumbbells)
  • Sneakers
  • Case of bottled water
  • Oat bran, bowl & spoon
  • Stevia powder or liquid drops for coffee, tea, cocoa, oats, etc

Lastly, it is key to have the things you need for fat loss success in your car, considering you are coming and going all the time and spending a lot of time in there, especially if you have long commutes.  You give yourself the best chance of making the best decisions if you have what you need already, rather than catch yourself starving and stopping at 7-11 for chips, candy and soda.  Here are some key items for your car:

  • Gym bag–no excuses now!
  • Can of whey protein powder and a shaker for post-workout or a quick breakfast on the way to work
  • Protein bars–you may want to include nut-based ones like this instead of chocolate so they don’t melt
  • Yoga mat
  • 1 set of dumbbells for rest area blitzes
  • Sigg bottle to fill up water anytime

Obviously, this is all about preparation and hopefully you can get a few items together for outfitting your spaces for fat loss.  In our next post, we will be showing you our favorite kitchen items for fat loss! Good luck! ox Jill

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