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I Did My First Bikini Shoot in 4 Years, and Here’s What Happened

Yesterday I did my first bikini shoot in 4 years. It was a throw-away, like, the photographer said maybe, if we had extra time we’d do it. A lil’ BTS on the way to the shoot (decided on a more …

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Why You Can Never Hate Your Body Into Leanness

Yesterday, I was talking to a good friend of mine who is also an online fitness entrepreneur and I was relaying a story from about 5 years ago, when I was deep in my obsessive physique phase — hours on cardio …

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Confessions of a Former Cardio Queen

“Dear Jill, I want to tell you a story because reading your blogs finally, FINALLY gave me permission to do things a different way and I am so glad I found you!! A couple years ago, a pro fitness competitor …

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11 Reasons You SHOULD Do (the Right Kind of) Cardio

Lately, there’s been a lot of hating on cardio among fitness pros. Let’s get this straight–the idea that cardio makes people fat is absurd. Is it the best way to lose fat? No. Can it be detrimental if overdone? Of …

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The First Step to Quitting the Deprive-Then-Binge Cycle

I make it a habit to ask people who sign up for my newsletter what their #1 struggle is with nutrition, exercise, mindset, etc. This is important for me because it gives me insight into what JillFit gals are working …

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Reflections on 2012 Part 2: PHYSIQUE

In Part 1, I revealed some of the key insights I had in 2012 about mindset. Today I want to talk about body, and how I learned so much more about physique change, willpower and the desire for “The Perfect …

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Metabolic Damage, Digestive Health & Fat Loss

By Dr. Jillian Teta Digestion certainly is not the most elegant topic to discuss, yet discussion becomes necessary and warranted when we consider that digestive health plays a major role in body composition, overall health, whether you are prone to …

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29 Reasons Living the Fat Loss Lifestyle Rocks

This week, I am traveling for business, and was thinking about how awesome it is that once you learn how to live the Fat Loss Lifestyle, you can literally do it anywhere. It’s only about choices. In fact, it hardly …

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Competition Expectations and Why You Can’t *Really* Have Any

So I know the title of this blog is not the most uplifting thing, but I wanted to write about this because oftentimes the most prevalent emotion after a show for any competitor is CONFUSION. Yes, you may feel elated, …

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Fall Down Seven Times; Stand Up Eight

By Jillian Teta The Arnold was this past weekend, and wasn’t it awesome to experience it, whether in person or just through the pictures? Seeing the pros at the top of their game can be inspiring, and for some people …

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